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How Sparrow Works

During sign up, you will be asked to complete an anonymous extensive “life events” questionnaire.

Upon completion, you are then matched to other individuals who have experienced similar challenges as you. You can immediately connect and start receiving help and support. Or if you have overcome a “challenge” you have the opportunity reach out and help those who are currently going through it. You will also be connected to resources, nonprofit organizations, support groups and professionals in your area. Lastly should you choose to opt in,  you can help change the world and further research by participating in IRB Approved studies.

Who We Are

The Silver Sparrow Foundation prevents and alleviates human suffering by aiding in the development of a stable social support system, through providing increased access to resources and in fostering opportunities for more effective and ethical research.

Vision Statement

To become the leading international online database and social support site for those experiencing difficult life events by providing the ability to find resources, to give and receive support and to help further research.

Values and Principles

We believe that every life has equal value. We do not discriminate based on nationality, race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, age, disability religious beliefs, class, or political views or for any other discriminatory reason.

The Silver Sparrow Foundation is a voluntary relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for gain